Peer education & Career Guidance

We work with post matriculants and graduates to help students with subjects they are not good at especially Maths, Science, History, English and Life Sciences. Our classes run once a week at selected schools. During this period we also assist in career guidance to help them study what the love and are good at

Coaching, Grooming & Mentorship

Our life coaching program is an extensive ongoing program that run face to face and via social media. We work with qualified life coaches who help young people reach their dreams by guiding them to focus on their gifts, talents, heal, confront their fears as well as let go of hurt that might hinder their progress. Our coaches also identify/recognise the mentee ‘talents and help them live their dreams.

Skills & Leadership development programs

Leadership and Skills Development programs are aimed to enhance our young men’s knowledge as well as prepare them for a better tomorrow as community leaders and providers.This is not just limited to boys but also graduates and employees who want to meet employer expectations and increase productivity in their organizations.

Art & sport

We use art and sport to fight crime and abuse and for mental and physical health.Our boys are grouped into age groups and we form soccer teams and help them go for trials.Through art (music, writing, dance) young men are able to air their grievances, tell their stories, challenges and find solution and claim their position in soceity.

Workshops, Seminars, Awarenesss campaigns

We work with Ngos, Govenment departments and the community at large through seminars, campaigns and workshops, to eradicate abuse of any kind, sensitize HIV & AIDS, Child marriages, poverty and crime. We also assist men in child custody (within the judicial laws), report men abuse, and air their grievances.

Tv & Radio Shows

We turn stories related or perpetuated by men in to radio and tv talk shows, documentaries, movies and plays.Our stories are raw and real life stories that are used as intervention tool stop fight societal ills of any form.