Thank you for your interest in Joining SheDad Foundation. Members play a vital role in the delivery of our programs.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Ordinary Members

  • All boys and young men, of all races of between 5-30 years of age in their individual capacities are eligible to ordinary membership

Full members shall

  • Vote and hold office and may participate in committees and subcommittees appointed from time to time.
  • Have speaking and signing rights at General meetings.
  • Be issued each with a membership card after payment of a nominal membership fee.

Associate Membership

  • Associate members are individuals, organisations and bodies, who in part may not satisfy section of this constitution but support the activities of SheDad
  • Non-Boys, Parents, Corporate, Coaches, Skilled Personnel may enjoy privileges of associate membership
  • Youth political organisations and Student Representative Councils may join as associate members, whilst leaders thereof shall qualify for full membership in their individual capacities.