SheDad Foundation is a movement founded to coach, mentor, groom & be a catalyst for the progressive transformation of boys and young men in Africa.

Our aim is to provide a platform for boys and young men to learn, reprogram their thinking and sensitize gender-based abuse and empower themselves on issues that affect our men as well as be aware of their role in society


We are a registered Organization with chapters in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda and members in all SADC Countries

Our Mission

 To be a world movement of men and women who stand up against poverty, crime, substance abuse, domestic violence, abuse against women and children, men who are aware of their role in society as the provider, head of family, father figures and of out standing moral values.

Our vision

To “Create” a new generation of real men who are out of substance abuse, do away with gender based abuse, are responsible, protective and hard-working whom society love, trust and respect and who aspire to make the world a better place.

Our target

Young men and boys

From dysfunctional marriages From child headed families Who are gifted & Talented Who are orphaned Raised by single parents



A new generation of responsible men for the security of the society


The culture of identifying and nurturing skills among young men


Child marriages, rape, substance abuse, gender based violence


Platform for boys to air their grievances, challenges, fears and feelings


Non violent conflict resolution

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